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Faime Training Package
Aura first show. by AutumnCreekFarms
Sol sulking fin by AutumnCreekFarms
Big Family. by AutumnCreekFarms
youll get 2 pics of training for ur faime. And ill even enter 1 into a show so that will give you extra points as well.

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this is of my horse Nuc

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OMG my Gal Aura
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go comish this gal shes amazing


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Holy goo look at her art its amazing

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Take a look at this i am soo happy with reds new art. This is by alexpeanut

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i would love to feature this artist she has done an amazing job.

Indian Blanket by Faejala




These are of my horses and my friends horses.

My Sol Solar Flare 67 by ThePantsyTrio, Moved-Account's 4714 Gladium Aureum Galahad by ThePantsyTrio and emmy1320's Galassio Galassio by ThePantsyTrio




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Lily: Page Ponies by Tattered-Dreams Hell Bitch by MakiTokito SpikesStables Chibis by Okami-Haru 5822 by SkywardKingdom Commission - Frosted Rose by Auldale Peafowl Nordis by Auldale Spikes - Chibi by Makienzie Com:Aura Borealis Baby by LadyDeathsGhost

ACF Kennel Breeding Rules

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 9:25 PM


    §  No ill, aggressive, under aged or inbred dogs. I will require proof that there is no relation between the two dogs.

    §  Your dog (male or female) must be of decent health we will allow minor issues but nothing major.

    §  A few dogs may require something extra before breeding is allowed.

    §  All dogs must be the proper breeding age of 2 years for a Stud and 3 years for a Bitch before beginning to breed. This goes for both my dog and yours, for we will not accept any dogs under the given age. This also applies for dogs that are too old. We will not breed dogs that are over the age of 6 years old; dogs are only to be bred during their prime years. Our dogs will retire from breeding after the age of 6.

    §  The breeding will cost a point fee (this removes the breeding picture) or breeding picture, you will have the option in which one you'd like to do. Breeding fees will vary depending on the dog.

If you chose to do a breeding picture..
    - It must be completed in 14 days
    - No WIPS
    - No smudging, or photomanipulation. Using lineart, or tracing (make sure u give refs and credit the owners) is allowed but we would love to see your own work.
    - You must put effort into it. Meaning it must be colored and shaded with some sort of background. It can be semi-body or full, but you still must put your best effort forth
If you chose to pay the fee..
    - I will not start the litter unless you pay. Pretty simple. Don't pay? No litter.

    § I design the litter. Exceptions and arrangements can be ranged, for I am very flexible when it comes to this.
If you create the litter..
    - You have the rights of the designs, so obviously you can charge whatever you'd like.
    - You get first pick, I get second pick and so on depending on the litter size
    - If you are wanting the whole litter there will be an extra fee of 50 points a pup.
    - Also please keep the designs realistic and keep in mind what the parents look like.
If I create the litter
    - I have first pick, you have second pick for free
    - If you desire to have more than one pup, you must pay the adoption fee like everyone else
    - The remaining puppies will remain at my kennel until they have been adopted.  

Though these rules seem a tad harsh, I am a very reasonable person. I end every sentence with a smiley and am very approachable, so don't be afraid to ask. xD


To request a breeding, the following must be in a note. 

    §  Your dog's ref & name: (if not useing two of my dogs)

    §  My dog's ref & name:


If you are purchasing a puppy from a recent litter, please keep this in mind.

    §  Keep the offspring updated often, if nothing is drawn within 3 months, I will start asking questions. After the first warning is issued, I will have the right to revoke the puppy and place it back up for adoption. This is to make sure the pup will be used.

    §  Draw the first ref of the puppy within 1 month, if it is not drawn then I will place the pup back up for adoption.

    §  If you buy with points, you are still required to draw the ref within 1 month & payment must be within the first 24 hours.

    §  Puppies will come with a health screening before adoption goes through.

    §  If you requested the breeding, you are required to follow the same rules.

    §  Never inbreed! If I find out this happens, I will revoke the dog and black list you… meaning you will not be allowed to buy from me again or request a breeding.

    §  If you breed the offspring at a later date, please let me know, I would like to keep a record of the bloodline.

    §  Puppies always cost 50Points unless stated otherwise.

    §  Puppies may earn points after being born, I will always list those points they earn if they earn them.

    §  NEVER re-sell the dogs you get from me without my permission. Always ask me first.



Here is a list of who have signed the rules and they date they signed.

Journal History

Help me pick a name :) please only click an name not the link with the picture 

6 deviants said Whats Your Emergency
3 deviants said or Never Forget
2 deviants said this foal needs a name 911 Whats Your Emergency by AutumnCreekFarms i want to play off its id number so i was thinking if u have other thoughts please comment.





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Where It's At by PyralDesign
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Northern Lights by PyralDesign
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Breeding image <333

Nice to Meet You by Scutterland
Rosenwood-Stables Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  New member
Hi there :D (Big Grin) You are a wonderful artist <3
I have just opened a new horse breed! rosenwood-stables.deviantart.c… I'd love to see the breed in your style, if you are interested I currently have some open imports here : rosenwood-warmblood.deviantart… . Customs are also availible at 30 points :) (Smile)Sorry if I have bothered you.
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Thank you a lot for the watch!
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Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Also....I know I'm like super far behind in stuff for you...I have the last two pics I owe ya right here. A WIP but I should finish them today/tomorrow. Rushing so that I can get all payment taken care of ^^
AutumnCreekFarms Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they are looking amazing thank you hun ur amazing
Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks dearie :)
Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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